Welbeck says Brighton are doing their best.

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Brighton striker Danny Welbeck thinks everyone did their best despite being eliminated from the Europa League.

The Seagulls beat Roma 1-0 in the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 last Thursday night. But the combined results were representatives from Italy advancing to the next round with a score of 4-1.

“The players gave 100 per cent, but the results from the first match made it a real tough job. It was a defeat (from the first game) that was very difficult to accept. We made up for it from our first performance. We know we’ll get results from playing in front of our fans tonight. But there’s too much to do.UFABET 

“We still have players who are not ready to play. A lot of people (because of injuries) as well. With the team we have, we have to be proud of ourselves and that we did the best we could.

“It was good to score. Last week I had a good header. But the goalkeeper defends well as well. It was nice to score a goal. But it’s not enough for tonight.

“We have to develop and operate in different areas. continuously Both in the club and the team There is a great approach at this club. We will do our best to come back and play this competition.

“It’s considered history for Brighton (to be on the European stage) playing on the European stage for the first time. Bringing European football to Brighton is a big deal. But there are important steps we have to take to continue bringing European football to the team.”