Two analysts on opposite sides of Liverpool.

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Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, two analysts on opposite sides of Liverpool have been active throughout the year on social media. The attacking Diogo Jota the striker, who took a penalty late in the game against Newcastle 4. -2 Yesterday. It was embarrassing behavior because from their point of view. Both believed that the Portuguese football players could hold back and stand.

The moment came in the 85th minute. When Jurgen Klopp’s team led 3-2 with a long ball for Jota to break free before being caught by goalkeeper. Martin Dubravka in the penalty area with a touch with his back leg. And the 27-year-old forward fell a bit late ทางเข้า UFABET 

Referee Anthony Taylor along with the ‘VAR’ controller confirmed it was a foul by Dubravka and handed out a yellow card. Mohamed Salah’s assassin scored on target to make up for his mistake in the first half. The net successfully closed the box 4-2. 

That caused Wright.

The legendary Arsenal striker, the Reds’ rivals to push them to the top of the table this season, to come out and attack Jota via the account X @IanWright0. 

“Choose to fall on the floor instead of shooting into the open goal! Do you see the same thing?” The Gunners’ favorite finds them.

As for Shearer, the former ‘Salika’ top scorer who always seems to have a bias towards Liverpool, retweeted via the account @alanshearer, accepting the ball immediately. 

“She’s so disgusting.” said the English Premier League record holder with 260 goals. 

Concluding the opinion of Jamie Carragher, a Sky Sports analyst, he thinks that Liverpool’s juniors should continue playing rather than taking a penalty. 

“He doesn’t need to fall. Just keep playing.” Commenting on ‘Monday Night Football’

“It may have a small touch. But not so heavy that it would knock the pillow down. That moment was just a left foot shot.” 

“Diogo fell too easily. Are there any clashes? I don’t think the impact was that strong.” 

As for netizens, ‘ The Kop ‘ thinks that Jota ‘s intention was to take the penalty so that Salah could score an excuse and gain confidence.