McGinn pleased with Villa’s response.

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Aston Villa midfielder John McGinn says he is pleased with the victory and advancing to the next round of the Conference League.

Singha rose to victory, defeating Ajax, who had 10 remaining men, 4-0 in the second match of the Conference League Round of 16 last Thursday night. Ready to successfully enter the quarter-finals.

“Excellent work It was a good response from last weekend’s game (losing 0-4 to Spurs). It affected us. But we seized the opportunity to play in the European quarter-finals for the first time in a long time.” McGinn the Villa captain told TNT Sports UFABET

“It was a great night at Villa Park and I’m delighted for some of the players who scored in the match. But I’m concerned about Ollie Watkins and Diego Carlos’ injuries. We’ll see how they go.

“It will definitely lift us up. The past few days have been difficult. We didn’t perform well in big games. Tonight is an important game. There must be a response. And we showed that.

“It’s right there. We want to achieve more. Tonight is a night where we give our fans memories and we don’t want to stop here. We don’t want the trip to stop just for tonight. (Tonight’s performance) was definitely better than the last two games.”