Brentford homework plagiarism scheme and more at Arsenal

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Brentford homework plagiarism scheme and more at Arsenal.

One point at home is never satisfactory for a team looking to challenge. For the Premier League title, with Arsenal two-point deficit today potentially having even more effect. Because the next game must meet Manchester City.

Arsenal set up a big army in this game. Gabriel Jesus, Mohamed Elneny, Reiss Nelson and Emile Smith Rowe are unnamed with injuries. The rest are ready to go on the field against Brentford. That has not lost in the league for 9 games and in this game they have come on the field with trust, discipline and concentration.

“The Bees” in the era of Thomas Frank set up a solid defensive game. They’ve been one of the best elevating teams in the last two years. First year in the Premier League, dangerous home games. But outside the home rarely score Coming this year. Looking for more consistency in games, at home and away, they are getting more and more similar. The rest is the quality of the players.

If you look at the games against Newcastle and Everton as a model for playing. It’s very clear that Brentford can “copy homework” like the teacher caught. But can’t find fault if it’s really copied or not Because they are extremely smooth.

Copied homework from three friends, “Manchester United – Newcastle – Everton”.

  • Brentford placed 10 defensively, including the goalkeeper, in a three-tier defensive game. From the top in the 3-5-2 system. The middle is tight and faces Arsenal playing 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 or 3-2-4-1, leaving space for Arsenal to have enough possession of the ball. But if reaching the system below 40 meters in front of their penalty area. Don’t find any comfort in doing it.
  • Move together like a panel. Moving systematically from the top Brentford didn’t play all-out pressing from the top like Everton did. But they moved quite a lot. In the area above where even the arsenal Will solve the ball pressing rhythm much better. But wasting time in carving the game through the half field up. Who had to face a defensive game that fell apart quickly, Arsenal, when they were slow, immediately ended up in their way.
  • On many plays you’ll see 4-5 Arsenal players. 8-10 Brentford defensive players in front of you and Arsenal pushing the game up. Coming up to play in the middle – Thomas Patey at the helm of Arsenal games. Try hard to pass the ball to the attackers into dangerous areas. Today we will see Martin Edegaard in the area on the side. Coming to play closer to Bukayo Saka, on the left, Gabriel Martinelli meets Mads Roselev and Christopher Ayer in a 2-on-1 almost every time.
  • When the ball is stuffed into the middle Three midfielders of the visiting team are ready to slip in. Encathia, the target striker, meets Ben Mee or Ethan Pinnock, alternately blocking the way every time. Each time ends with getting some balls. Turns the ball around a bit, but the good timing doesn’t happen at all. It all stems from the defensive game discipline of the opponent. And below the standard of playing Arsenal itself The story of the striker It was very clear that there was a clear difference between Eddie Encathia and Ivan Tony in this game.
  • Fixing the game of “Arsenal”
  • The first half ended like Arsenal were very little superior. The stats are base on the Everton game. Artillery is better than everything. But the score does not happen, Arsenal adjusts in a way that has always adjusted
  • , does not change the “tactics”, has to fix the “rhythm” and finally solves the “personnel”.
  • Arsenal entered the second half by speeding up the tempo of their passes in the first 15 minutes, and they soon began to thrust the attack. Support lines push each other until reaching the half of the field. The command center opened the game with William Saliba and Gabriel Magayes, but what could not be solved was the many jammed rhythms that occurred.
  • Arsenal are a very good side attacking team. or in other words, when the center is tight In the past, Saka-Martinelli was hopeful, but now with more options they replaced Leandro Trotsar. Martinelli And it became an important part of getting the first goal of the game. That said, it was the only time Brentford’s defensive line missed out on Arsenal’s wide men. Both sides from right to left, from Saka to Trotsar, became Trotsar’s first goal in an Arsenal shirt… but then it was a mistake.