Break Brentford points, an important turning point

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Break Brentford points, an important turning point that could cause Arsenal to lose the Premier League title.

It was like a warning sign for Arsenal after their 1-1 draw with Brentford at home.

Makes them now winless for 2 games in a row for the first time in the Premier League and without a win for 3 games in a row. Including all competitions. They are even likely to lose four games in a row when they face Manchester City on Wednesday night. This is a game that may result in a championship ever.

It depends on whether or not Man City beat Aston Villa on Sunday, but Arsenal are showing a bad sign. They lost 1-0 to Everton last week. and recently found something slang like Brentford

Leandro Trossar took the lead and scored his first goal since his arrival. But the Gunners were leveled by Ivan Toney, a fierce striker. Which comes from Brentford’s hallmark set-piece rhythm

It’s reminiscent of Liverpool in 2018-19. When Jurgen Klopp’s men let their title chances slip through their heads.

I have to admit that Liverpool missed out on making the championship slip away. Because there is a chance to shove points away from Manchester City as far as 7 points, but they dropped points. Plus the blue sailboat, who can’t stop, won 14 games in a row, eventually overtaken to win the championship.

Of course, it is an event that Arsenal do not want to happen to themselves. But now it seems that the early season’s flames have started to fade. Maybe that’s the key turning point of the season.

Brentford have proven they are a slang thing for Arsenal even when they met for the first time this season. Artillery is the 3-0 attacking party.

Arsenal struggled to deal with forward duo Brienne Embermo and Ivan Toney, while their attacking side struggled to penetrate Brentford’s defensive line. together

Thomas Frank order the team to kill Martin Odegaard until the game was completely broken. This game show. Why Mikel Arteta wanted an attacking line like Kylo Mudrik last winter. Despite being replaced by Leandro Trossar.

And it was Trossar who came down to create an impact, it didn’t take long for Arsenal to take the lead. From Bukayo Saka’s opening, importantly, this moment is the first time that a cannon can pass the ball through the Brentford defensive line into the penalty area and win directly.

However, the goal that Arsenal lost to Brentford came from the same pattern, that is, a set-piece. They already knew that Thomas Frank’s team had the strength to do so. But it still can protect.

Arsenal also conceded a goal from set-pieces when they lost against Everton, so if the opponents take the trump card and play at this point. Instead, it was worrisome. Especially their hopes of winning the Premier League for the first time since losing in the 2003/04 season.

It will be interesting to see how Arsenal perform under pressure. And can they show a strong performance against Manchester City. The rivals who are challenging for the title or not?

The draw with Brentford was a pivotal moment for Arsenal. Highlighting whether they are ready to go the extra mile and deliver consistent performances. With a high-stakes game against Manchester City coming up, Mikel Arteta and his team have already met an important test.