What are the symptoms of drug allergies? lost or not

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Every time you go to the doctor Doctors always ask “Are you allergic to any drug?” Because if allergic to any drug The doctor will not order Some people may not know if they are allergic to any drug or not. Therefore, it is difficult to answer the doctor’s questions in the early stages. But if abnormal symptoms occur while taking any drug We will remember well and answer the doctor easily.

We ourselves have never had a history of allergic reactions to any drugs. But I’m still not very sure of myself that it really is. Are we allergic to anything? Because in life, I rarely take a variety of medicines. How do we know what drug we are allergic to? What are the symptoms that indicate that you are allergic to the drug? And do we have a chance to recover from that drug or not? Let’s see the details.

Why are we allergic to drugs?

Drug allergy is caused by a reaction of the body’s immune system in that person. with hypersensitivity to the drug Whether eating, injecting, applying and inhaling, this disorder does not happen to everyone. But it happens to some people whose immune systems are more sensitive than usual. Similar to those who are allergic to certain foods as well. It can be said that allergies to drugs It’s really like a personal misfortune. ทางเข้า ufabet

What are the symptoms of drug allergy?

Even if allergic to the same drug But there may be different abnormalities. Those who received the first allergic drug Symptoms may appear 1-3 weeks after taking the drug, but if the allergic drug was previously taken, subsequent allergic reactions will appear 1-3 days after taking the drug.

However, in general, drug allergies are characterized by the following symptoms:

– Fever, headache, runny nose, joint pain, cold-like symptoms, or discomfort.

– A red rash appears on the arms, legs, or may be on the mouth, around the mouth, face, neck, etc. The nature of the rash can range from small granules to pustules or clear blisters.

– Swollen face, swollen limbs, swollen lips, swollen tongue

– Palpitations, chest tightness, nausea and vomiting or shortness of breath

– Sometimes it may affect the functioning of internal organs such as hepatitis or kidney failure.

– If the symptoms are severe, it may be faint, cold, and the pulse is weak and rapid. low blood pressure to the point where he may stop breathing and can die Often caused by allergies to drugs that are injected into the veins. because it will act fast