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Two analysts on opposite sides of Liverpool.

Alan Shearer and Ian Wright, two analysts on opposite sides of Liverpool have been active throughout the year on social media. The attacking Diogo Jota the striker, who took a penalty late in the game against Newcastle 4. -2 Yesterday. It was embarrassing behavior because

7 ways to suppress hunger that really work

We believe that many people may experience the problem of binge eating. Hungry all day I want to eat there all the time. This hunger or craving for food occurs. In addition to having a negative effect on health , such as causing weight gain It also affects your daily life. Some people

5 reasons why “weight loss” is unsuccessful

Many times we are unsuccessful in weight loss. We think we have tried very hard. But in the end, the result was a failure. But if you know the reason why you are unable to lose weight. Losing weight is not difficult anymore. Dr. Pramote Patcharamaneepakarn, an internist who